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This board may not look fancy, but let me tell you, it's a game changer. After setting foot on it, I left the Tesseract alone. The new material Unbelievium is really some Next Level Sh*t. We tested it by putting 220 lbs of weight on it, and there was barely any flex! This is amazing considering this board is ONLY *4 plys* light!!! Unbelievium is the technology of the future. With the Caliber II 184mm 50, I can only describe my ride as tight. The mild 360 concave presses all around (even the kicktail) from laminating veneers with crush weld technology and super composites felt comfortable, especially when going fast. I felt secured. I like my trucks loose and turny; and I'm a big Paris fan. However, I will trade it off for that kind of assurance and stability that I got from riding this specific board and setup. I still get the same responsiveness although this ride seemed rigid and stiff. The 37" was perfect for my stance (I'm 5'6"). The 9.5" was snug for my average sized feet. It also comes in a 38" and 10". It's amazing that it comes with a variety of wheel base options! 21-24.75"! 20 holes to mount your trucks on, so it's up to you and your riding style how you want to utilize your trucks; and spread them out. I didn't give it a beating since it wasn't mine, but seeing it handle 220 lbs with little to no flex spoke volumes to me. This board will be hard to destroy. Even harder to destroy than a Chubby Unicorn. No one knows what Unbelievium is. It's strictly an Earthwing material. We do know it's not resin or glue. I rode the asymmetrical design (it also comes in a drop through). Because there is only one kicktail, you really feel the weight come off the front. However, I find the nose to still be usable, so you don't have to worry about necessarily being unidirectional. No risers needed. It will sit low with the Orangatang Keanu 66mm 80a without any fear of wheel bite. Probably thanks to the Unbelievium technology! Earthwing put a lot of thought and effort into this. The engineering process from what I read was tedious. They weren't messing around. Development had to be concise in order to produce the deck. Bottom line: This board is on point. It may not be the prettiest (it's very simple at the bottom), but it means business. I hope I get to spend more time with it next skate sesh. I think I might put this on my list ahead of the Loaded Tesseract.
It's unbelievium
They make the supermodel 3d tho n it's cool!
I thought it looked fancy :(
Lol, next time I get together with my buddies, I will prove it to you with a photo. Then you can say "I'm sorry, I was wrong." @EricDavis
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