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it finally came out!! waaaaahhhh.... so excited for this drama...
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you got that right coco.. it's a feel good drama... i love yoon eun hae there, very believable... actually this was my no. fave kdrama until secret garden came, now, it's just my no.2...^^
@nyla...i understand the reason for the bump...I think they had sunch good chemistry HJW and HB...i cant wait til he gets out so he can do another drama with her...i would be the biggest promoter
lol... me too, can't wait!! 44 days to go until he finish his military service!!
wow...now that is devotion....you even know how many days...well i'm sure their is a countdown somewhere in the world....he does have a lot of loyal fans
i clicked on a fan page on fb and it had daily news about hyun bin, if not news, they're posting something about him...^^