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Sometimes words are meaningless, because whatever I say, she doesn't understand. I try to convince her, but no chance. While I am talking about the letters, she is talking about the numbers. Even we are from the same spiritual universe, we are from different worlds. I searched her for many years. And, when i find her, i saw that we are completely different. But this difference is like Yin and Yang, Two pieces of a puzzle, Cookie and milk, Sun and moon. Have you ever seen a Solar Eclipse? The brilliance of Sun is covered by Moon. Now they are same. You look to Sun and see Moon, they are united, they are each other, just for a short time. (But, maybe in our universe this short time lasts years. May be we can be happy forever.) Then, in these differences, I noticed that we two are the same person. How can I talk with myself when the other me was thinking about other things. Can I divide my brain into two? Can I fight with myself? Can I fall in love with myself? I found her, i found me. I love me.
It does create a distinct and unique rhythm. Very interesting piece! And I like where you take the ending.
You have a really interesting perspective on structure. This is like a piece of prose, and then poem, and then narrative, all mixed up. It works. Somehow, it works!