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A fun family tradition to start during winter: holiday photos! Every time around this year I receive a bunch of holiday greeting cards from my church family. They personalized them with their own photos and it's fun to display their family personality. My family might try it out this year and see what we come up with. Here are family photos you can also use as inspiration for your own silly, merry holiday shoot. Shot 1: Kitchen nightmare Shot 2: All Wrapped Up Shot 3: You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out Shot 4: Checked Out Shot 5: Take it to Whoville Shot 6: CSS Cartoon (favorite one) Shot 7: Photostrip Family
These are so great, @stargaze! I really need to get more creative with our Christmas cards. It's so hard to put something together during such a hectic time. Do you or anyone else know how to do something like the CSS cartoon? I'll bet there are some How To guides out there somewhere...
The second photo styling is creative and cute!