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Despicable Me (Pororo song)
I change banana and potato to pororo Po po po po po ro ro (Po po po po po ro ro) Pororo oh oh Pororo na ah ah Pororo oh oh To ga li no potato ni ga ni ba no ba ni ka no ji ga Po po po pororo Yo plano hu la pa no no tu Ma pororo like a nupi talamu Pororo po po Pororo ho oh To ga li no pororo ni ga ni ba no ba ni ka no ji ga Po po po Pororooooooo
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hahahahaa babababababa ananannananana potaat tooo ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....
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@neaa yes it is hahaha xD but joong ki is much cuter than them I mean way cuter than them
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joong ki is real.. i mean you can pinch his cheeks n call him cute..pororo is aww cute!!
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