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These hikers decided that the summit had something more to offer than a nice view: it could be a nice view with a jacuzzi! This group of 20 summited the 15,771 ft. Mont-Blanc summit on September 13th, 2007 and set up their own jacuzzi. They aimed not to disturb any others by arriving very early, and also going on an off date, but they still sent out an apology about any disturbance caused, so I sense that maybe they weren't able to keep the noise pollution down. I haven't heard any official accounts, though. Regardless of the end result of the hike as far as social situations are concerned, it's amazing that they managed to put this together! After holding some jacuzzi parties at lower locations, they decided to do this. They had to figure out how to pack and carry this much equipment, how to make sure the equipment would work at high altitude in freezing temperatures and more. If anything, it was a serious adventure!
@treedweller Alright, I see your point :)
@happyrock Of course but not like this. We already have people walking over and over again wearing down the same spots, do we need to compact them even more with a party jaccuzzi? I don't think so.
@treedweller I hadn't considered those things, no. what about our tents and camps, then? Don't they have high levels of damage left behind too?
@happyrock That doesn't account for the impact that is had just by being there with so much unnatural equipment, the amount of snow they had to melt, the noise they made, etc....
@treedweller I tried to do some googling to see if there were any public, negative reactions, but I didn't seem to find any. As far as the environmental damage, they took everything with them?
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