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This full length movie, The Walk Across Arizona, is a visual film project of an 800 mile solo hike from the Utah to the Mexico Border via the Arizona trail. The maker decided to enjoy Arizona's beauty and also in honor of the completed Arizona trail. The trail can be very difficult to find water on, and he was consuming anywhere from 1-2 gallons of water a day. He noted that finding the balance between the hike and the film was difficult: "As with anything, finding a balance between the hike and the film was imperative. This project has literally taken blood, sweat, and tears to complete and I'm proud that it's finally finished. I hope you enjoy the film!" This is a feat I've never tried, nor have a tried to complete a thru hike of this magnitude. But, I think I will have to move it up on my bucket list, so that I can fully enjoy something of this grandeur, and then also to get some time to myself where I can get to know myself even more!
@treedweller Lollll come it wasn't that boring!!! Imagine if he hadn't had trouble filming....we'd have even more footage....
Coudln't get through the whole video....but props to him for making the trip