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New Zealand is a country made up of many different types of habitats: it's possible to be in an alpine environment one day, and in a beach environment the next day. Because of that, the land offers a beautiful array of walks! I haven't done a single one of these (or been to New Zealand yet!) but it's something I hope to do in the near future! I think my favorites of this walk are #3, #7 and #9! But, I'd be happiest of all if I could eventually try them all! I think that might be incredibly difficult, but with the right preparation, it can be done! 1. The shores of Lake Walkaremoana take you through both rainforests and secluded beaches. This walk is in The Urewera National Park. MODERATE DISTANCE: 46km, 4-5 days 2. The volcano country of Tongariro Northern Circui is a place you should walk! You can pass many mountains, some of which were used in the filming of the Lord of the Rings. DISTANCE: 43km. 3-4 days. 3. Canoe or kayak on your Whanganui Journey! You'll travel the Whanganui River, and can experience a Maori meeting house. DISTANCE: 145km. 3-5 days. 4. Easily accesible, the Abel Tasman Coast Track is great for many people! you can also kayak bits of the trail to enjoy the coastal views. DISTANCE: 60km. 3-5 days. 5. Forest + coast = a great walk! The Heaphy Track fits this bill. You'll get to see many native birds, perhaps even thetui, weka, kea, kaka, kereru and, if you are super lucky, a kiwi. DISTANCE: 78.4km. 4-6 days. 6. Crossing through the giant Fiordland National Park, you can enjoy Kepler Track. The track begins and ends just outside of Te Anau. DISTANCE: 60km. 3-4 days. 7. If you like waterfalls, then the Milford Track is for you! You'll get to experience the huge Sutherland Falls, which are over 580m high. DISTANCE: 53.5km. 4 days. 8. Experience the Southern Alps on the Routeburn Track! This is largely an alpine hike, so it's very different from the other trails in the national park. DISTANCE: 32km. 3-4 days. 9. If you want to head very far south, try the Rkura Track on Stewart Island! The Rakiura National Park makes up 80% of the island, so this is the best way to see most of the island! DISTANCE: 32km. 3 days. Which would you like to see?
@treedweller Super late answer, but yeah I think ther'es so many sweet places to get to
Considering how long each of these take, I think I'd need a few months in New Zealand to complete them all...sounds good to me! I haven't had the chance to do any hiking in somewhere as adventure packed as New Zealand.