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These holiday traditions, put together by Buzzfeed, are a bit out of the ordinary for the typical American! I wouldn't call them "weird" (culture's never weird! Just interesting and different!), but they certainly are intriguing. Why is it, I wonder, that spiders represent hope for luck for the next year if you place them on a tree in Ukraine? What is the symbolism and origin of single women in the Czech Republic throwing shoes over their shoulder to see if they will get married within the next year? While these traditions are fun to read about, I want to know the roots and history. Perhaps embarking on this study should be my New Years resolution :) Have you heard any "weird" traditions? Or, do you have any traditions of your own that you find odd?
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Huh! I hadn't heard of most of these. Interesting. Thanks @nehapatel :) Teaching us all a little something this holiday season!