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Chicago Bears Safety Chris Conte came up with a controversial quote when asked if he would continue playing in the NFL even though he has suffered 2 concussions this season. "As far as after football, who knows. My life will revolve around football to some point, but I'd rather have the experience of playing and, who knows, die 10, 15 years earlier than not be able to play in the NFL and live a long life. It's something I've wanted to do with my life and I wanted to accomplish. And I pretty much set my whole life up to accomplish that goal. So I don't really look toward my life after football because I'll figure things out when I get there and see how I am." I don't think any sport is more important than years of anyones life. Chris Conte has had a fine career just to make it to the NFL and play competitively even if only for a few seasons. He should retire knowing he made it to the best league in the world for football. He will be sacrificing years with his future children just for football? I think that's too much.
@EightyNine I would agree with you to a certain point. I think everyone has the right to take the risks he or she believes is right for them. There are people who do extreme safaris but no one tells them that they are doing too much, even though many of the things they do (like get close to lions) are considered life threatening...
@ChickenNrice I agree with you, but I also do understand why people should have the right to do what they deem correct for themselves
@Goyo If an extreme sports athlete suffered multiple concussions then shouldn't they stop too? I don't think it really matters what sport, its the concussions and what we now know happens long term when you suffer too many of them
@EightyNine What about all these extreme sports athletes? should we not let them play? I agree that he should talk it over with his family and really think it through, but I am not sure about barring him playing
@Goyo True it is his choice. However I still just don't think it's worth risking your life for sports. For all we know his next concussion may leave him with amnesia or worse. I don't think an NFL team should even let him play.