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Assorted boards for assorted disciplines, one is not enough.
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I'd actually just want four. I'm a try and sell the others. I think four is plenty for me for various styles.
I see that evo over there
I only have 3 about to trade one for a bustin board gonna keep my og one cuz it's too small and it's still alive and my current mix of dh and slide board is my Madrid gonna get a 2012 evo deck for new years hopefully I'll shit my pants if I get one and I want blood oranges on it and I got bomb trucks still don't know about the bearings planning For rush abec 9's or bones Swiss Idk but mostly want tekton ceramics a bitch to break in but worth it every single moment of them being broke in is worth it and since it has grip tape graphic I wanna put red vicious around it and try to put it on the back for the tuck to feel safer and maybe some on the toeside edges just for more grip
Top right is a LY Dingy with Don't Trip Poppys and Monster Hawgs, kind of a Frankenboard that's cobbled together from parts that didn't find a home. Small enough to fit in the motorcycle saddle bag :) Yes , they are all used, just wiped down after each use. The Bustin Maestro was just assembled today so it is unridden at the moment. ..... tomorrow :)
Skate rack 22 inches wide with 8 inches between each deck. 1.25 inch PVC on the base and uprights and .5 inch PVC supporting the longboards.