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Hi Everyone! I hope the holidays are treating you all well! I been busy and a little lazy▼ω▼ too! Lol! But today I had some time to make a simple lunch! I also got a early Xmas gift. The Food Deco cutter kit so happy! Thanks to my hubby! ★ Cat: is a peanut butter sandwich and I used fruit rolls to fill in the face. ★ The lil faces: Are pin wheel sandwiches with turkey,cheese and mayo. They are decorated using the (cutter kit). ★Then, there Avocado and a lil orange. Thanks everyone for taking the time to look at my cards! (¯▼¯) I hope you all have or had an awesome lunch! (^○^)/ ~Gigi~
Oh dear! This is the cutest thing ever. I will have to make this for the little ones.
Your bentos just get better and better. My favorite part of your card is the originality.
Thanks you ladies!