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Do you want to get into the DIY spirit this Christmas, but don't want it to go in a tacky direction? I think this DIY ornament tutorial by Rhoda from Southern Hospitality is a great way to keep Christmas classy! Like terrariums, these clear globe ornaments can be tiny holiday dreamscapes to delight everyone who sees them! I think they can even work for decorating your home all year round, depending on the colors and materials you choose. A couple of her pictures are a bit blurry, but I think they still get the point across. You'll need: - A pack of round glass ornaments - A package of small glitter bows - A package of glitter bulb mini-ornaments in different colors - 2 kinds of faux snow - Faux greenery - Small funnel - Q-tip - Hot glue gun - Any other lovely materials or little details you'd like to display in your ornament scenes How to make it: To keep the mess under control, do this with a towel or something else underneath. Use the small funnel to pour the snow into the ornaments. Use a Q-tip to push it all down into the glass ornament. It should be about halfway full. Drop in the mini bulb ornaments and add snipped faux greenery, as well as any other materials you dreamed up for the scene. Used the hot glue gun to attach a glittery bow on either side of the hanger to add some extra bling. Save the ornament package so that you can sit them upright until you use them. Be careful to not shake the ornaments too much after you make them, since the bits and pieces can get shuffled into the snow and covered up. What would you put into your globes?