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I currently have bones red bearings on my board, but are there any other bearings that you guys like as well? Or are of this performance I should say? And another question. My bearings go pretty fast, but is there such a thing of too fast of bearings? The ones at my local shop spin as slow as a turtle, but I don't have any nor have tried any that are slow to know what they feel like when I ride. Neither do I know if its the wheel that is slowing the bearings down. (is that even possible?) I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS UGH. When my lymysterybox arrives, (AND HOLY CRAP I'M SO EXCITED GUYS YOU HAVE NO IDEA) I want to be able to have a set of bearings ready. I'm just stuck (and I guess you could say curious) on what ones I should get. Or if I'm doing *way* too much thinking and I just stick with bones? Halp!
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I want to try Zealous and Super Reds, Zealous because everyone is talking about em and Super Reds just because and yeah the Oust lol If you over tighten they will go slower or not at all lol Not sure about how wheels would slow em down unless they are poorly made wheels and cause your bearings to sit crooked... your bar could mess up your bearings if it's not straight or machined sloppy I think your Reds are fine but try a few of what's been mentioned you'll find one you like and you'll stick with em you're smart you'll make the right choice I'm pretty excited about your mystery box too lol tell it to hurry up!
bearings all roll, and none are made to go slow. usually price only comes into play for how durable they are
zealous. 15 bucks. Super nice. spacers and speed rings not needed
If I keep my own speed rings on while using zealous bearings does it hurt my bearings?
ehh it won't hurt. But you won't be able to tighten the nut down all the way. They come with built in speed rings