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I just saw @sanityscout's post on some lovely DIY Christmas globe ornaments (http://www.vingle.net/posts/635717) and was inspired to post some ornament DIY tutorials for parents that are great for making with kids! Through the cards in this collection, I'll be sharing the ideas I find around the web for easy projects that will give you some holiday fun with your kiddos and leave you with lovely, personal ornaments that are way more meaningful than the ones you ordinarily buy at the store. You could even give them as gifts for grandparents! I found the tutorial for this first set of cute snowman ornaments on Sweet and Lovely Crafts via the Fantastic Fun and Learning site (http://goo.gl/bX9bxP). They are so simple to make and lovely to look at! Materials: - Globe ornaments (opaque color or clear glass ones - I included images of both from the two blogs) - White and black paint - Black and orange permanent markers - Holiday ribbon How To: 1. Press on two white thumbprints on the ornament. For younger kids, make sure you let them dry before moving on. 2. Press on a black thumbprint on top of the two white ones. Let them dry. 3. Add any other details with permanent markers (I drew a line for the top hat, and added buttons, eyes, nose, and smiles. 4. Write the child's name and the year somewhere on the ornaments. 5. Tie the ribbon in a bow on the hanger. 6. Make sure you save the ornament box for storage or to wrap them in as gifts.
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I love these! Can't wait to see more of the ornament tutorials... I'll look for some as well.