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So I was looking on the Rayne website and I was thinking of asking my grandfather for the money to buy the Rayne Double Bright Side and Rayne doesn't have it on their website anymore and I was wondering if anyone knows why I can't find it. If you know please let me know
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moral of the story skate companies need better sites.
the Rayne site needs a complete makeover/ redo it looks stuck in the 90's I don't like going there
I dont care much for Rayne. They never have seemed appealing, but then again I cant use their site for shit to see if Id like anything I dont know about. # fuckdemhoes?
I'm not impressed either but the more I see of them on here it does make me curious @SteveLee772
@drlizardo I haven't seen shit. They look just like LY a shit ton of basic dh slide decks.