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The eyes are windows to your soul! Make them stand out with this navy blue smokey eye tutorial! 1. Sweep an ivory colored eyeshadow across the bottom half of the upper eye lid to create the base. 2. Using an angle brush, lightly line the upper lash line with black eyeshadow. 3. With the same brush, smudge the black line you just created in step 2 with a bright cobalt blue eyeshadow. Bring the line down and around to the lower lash line. 4. Concentrating on the outer corner of the top lid, lightly apply charcoal grey eyeshadow to begin the smokey eye. 5. Dab a small amount of black eyeshadow just in the outside corner and up to the crease. 6. Going back to the blue eyeshadow from step 3, smudge the blue to blend against the dark smokey base. The bright blue mixed with the charcoal and black blend to be a nice navy smokey look. 7. Add a hint of champagne shimmery eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eye to create a pop. 8. Finish the smokey eye with a fine line of cream black eyeliner and a few coats of mascara!
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I like the visual guide. This would be a good weekend makeup look.