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Tired of constantly putting strands of hair behind your ears? This simple braid style will keep them off your face while looking cute. 1) Grab a section of hair just behind the hairline from the crown of your head and part into 3 even pieces. 2) Simply braid all the way down and fasten with a hair-tie similar to the color of your hair to blend in. 3) Repeat steps 1&2 for the other side. 4) Thoroughly back comb the section of hair behind the braids to create lift and fullness. 5) Pick 1 braid at a time, wrap around the back and fasten with bobby pins into the teased section of hair. 6) Repeat on the other side and slightly crisscross the 2nd braid under the 1st to hide the hair-ties.
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I love game of throne! Thanks for the tutorial!