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Hey everyone! Recently there has been discussion and complaints about the state of the community. There have been issues of quality of content, purpose of content, and general attitude of the community. These guidelines were made in collaboration with the community staff so we can address the problems and improve our community! These rules are only a general guideline. This community decides if there is anything that needs to be added, subtracted, or amended. If there is enough support from the community for a change in the guidelines (based on comment likes) then that change will be implemented. MANDATORY POSTING RULES ► All posts MUST be longboard related. □ What you write in your title and description must be related in some way to longboarding. □ If the image or video content associated with the post is not directly related to longboarding, the title and description must justify its place in the longboarding community. ► Reposting is discouraged. □ Community members must first check to see if a video has been posted recently. □ This is only a problem when a new video is released and multiple people want to post it. □ The first submission will be kept, all other reposts in the next 48 hours will be removed. ► Search for answers before asking questions! □ There have been a lot of questions answered in this community. □ If you have a specific question, search for it first in the search bar. If you can’t find an answer then ask in a post! ► Advertising is strictly prohibited. □ Under no circumstances will any advertising be allowed in the community. □ Users may comments and post up advertisements from other companies for discussion, but advertisements placed by a company will be removed. RECOMMENDED (and appreciated) POSTING RULES ► Provide context for your posts! □ Describe what is going on, give names, give credit, write something descriptive or creative. □ No one likes posts with no context! ► GRAMMAR PLS! □ No one will take you seriously if you do not at least attempt to write and spell properly. □ Spelling things incorrectly as a joke is okay when the setting is appropriate. □ AND PLEASE TURN OFF THE CAPS LOCK. ► Injury posts need warnings! □ It’s okay to share injury posts, especially if they aren’t extreme severe. □ Any injuries beyond mild scrapes must have warnings and can not be the first image posted. COMMUNITY ETIQUETTE ► Keep it positive! □ We are all here for the same reason, we love longboarding! We can love our community too by keeping discussion positive. ► Discuss your disagreements, don’t argue. □ Disagreements are fine, but that’s not an excuse to get angry. □ Understand that everyone is not always going to agree. ► Personal attacks, abusive language, racism, sexism, and anything of this nature is not tolerated and may result in a ban. Again, I must restate that these guidelines are subject to change based on the community's suggestions. I know I want this community to be the best that it can be, so I hope we can work together to build and implement this guideline! Thank you, Mike P.S. Thanks @AlainCasimiro for the image!
Dude, common sense is anything but common. @RichardSchafer
Thank lawd babay JAYSUS you posted it @mikerosa92
@drlizardo It will be stickied and constantly referred to!
Oh the grammar can be such a problem sometimes. It's understandable when it is someone who cant speak perfect English because they are of foreign descent but other than that it's unacceptable. And warning on injury pics would be great. I think these rules are fair.
@DanielSpazJames Of course I understand some are not native English speakers, the purpose of the rule is not to discourage them from communicating! That is a valid point to bring up and everyone should be sensitive to that, thanks for bringing it up. @EmilySalzsider You are quite welcome!
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