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Cards of Humanity is known for making jokes with its customers without much regard for whether or not it will actually cause them any problems. Last year, on Black Friday, they raised their prices by $5, encouraging people to "consume!" This year, they took it a step farther. The game makers of the game for horrible people brought Black Friday consumers just one thing: actual Bull Shit! Yes, if you ordered their $6 "bullshit" item from their website on Black Friday, you actually received (sanitized) bullshit. Yes, they stated that clearly. Yes, many people didn't believe them. Yes, some people are mad. But mostly, I just find it hilarious! If a company tells you that you are buying shit, and goes through this much effort to tell you it is actual shit, don't buy it unless you want it. One of the makers of Cards of Humanity weighed in: "If you buy the poop expecting it to be something else that’s not poop, you’re actually buying a valuable life lesson for $6." Thank you? (But actually, all 30,000 orders sold out...that's a nice profit for the company!)
I know all about that too deadmen0205.
no 5 for the biggest a holes I know
@deadmen0205 One for all your friends? lol
@deadmen0205 I wish I had been able to get one lol; I would have bought one just to see if that's really want they sent! Sadly I foudn out about it after it happened.....lol. Well, I guess we should all be glad we didn't get em!
I wonder if @timeturnerjones got one. going of that comment he made I wouldnt doubt it...
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