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It has been a long time that I have been anxious to see a movie. It is not that I don’t like movies, it is just that movies rarely live up to the hype so I prefer to go in without any biases. Columbia Pictures’ “The Interview,” was different. There has been so much attention from it, not only from the media or fans, but from North Korea that it made me really curious to see what the big deal was. And now, it seems, it will be cancelled. Major US cinema chains have announced that they will not screen “The Interview.” Sony Studios, which owns Columbia Pictures, has decided to cancel its December 25th theatrical screen release… This is all on the heels of Sony being hacked and its records distributed by the “Guardians of Peace” group. This on the heels of direct warnings from North Korea to both the studios and to the US government that the release of this movie meant a direct act of aggression and an act of war. While at first this was seen as just great publicity for the movie (it got me excited lol), now it has become a hindrance to free speech. Are we really now at the stage of censoring our media because of threats from cyber terrorists, and rogue states? I think canceling this movie would send the wrong message. It means that our freedom of speech can be threatened, and can be silenced. When I was younger, I lived close to the 9/11 attacks. A lot of my friends’ parents worked in the Twin Towers. So I can say that I was very closely affected by it. And the next day, everything was closed. Everything except my school. No one (including me) understood why, but our teachers told us: “the day we change our lives because of threats and violence is the day they have taken our courage and our freedom.” I still didn’t understand at that time, but now I see how important it was to show, if even to us, that we will protect our freedom against any threats. I hope that Sony changes its opinion, and does release this movie because I want it to tell the world: “We are not afraid. We will protect our freedom no matter what."' EDIT: Leakage footage is claimed to have been the cause of the entire uproar. It depicts Kim Jong Un being killed by a missile...
One thing for sure, there is going to be a movie about this.
"Video has been removed by user"... can't say I didn't see that one coming.
Man now I REALLY want to see this movie... it should only be a matter of time before it's all over torrents!
@TristanFoster Thanks for letting me know. I have changed the video to a working one. Thank you!
@goyo, Here is my conspiracy theory - The North Koreans actually made up this scene as part as their "punishment" for Sony for making a movie about the possibility of assassinating their leader at all.
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