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The come from the fringes of society, they are young and passionate, and driven by the unstoppable force of new ideas that their time has arrived. They are aggressive, many times even violent, but they believe that they are acting in the name of some great and noble cause. They are the pioneers. They are not immigrants to a new land, although many times they are refugees from their old one, chased away as fringe groups may often be. But on the other hand they many times believe that they hold the key to a better future for the society that rejected them. "Some day they will understand", they say to themselves. In their new homeland, they quickly seize control, pushing away the native population, but also pushing away against one another internally, viciously seeking for the optimal organization. They want to make everything right and willing to sacrifice everything for that. It is this attitude that create the paradox. Are they good or bad? They always pay the price and always cause the damage, they will most certainly gain bitter enemies. So at best, the outcome of their endeavors will be controversial. But did they have a choice at all? do we as mankind, have another option but to catapult ourselves forward from their slingshots? Maybe the answer is, and is only, in the original intent. Maybe it is in weather they did or did not understand the role that history assigned to them. Or is it to us too ? Should we look up to them in awe, or should we become pioneers, ourselves?
Nice piece, I think most migrants can be considered pioneers. wherever we go we always take our own culture with us and when two cultures meet and interact, both are bound to change. food for thought..
Wow this is an interesting take on pioneers. Personally, I only ever thought of pioneers as courageous people willing to do anything to improve their lives. I never actually considered how they displace that which has already been there, but you are right. Whenever something new is introduced, it will force those already part of the ecosystem to readjust, even if it against their wishes.... @orenshani7 great piece