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As @ChristinaBryce recently pointed out to us (, Letterman will be leaving Late Night in May and conceding his legendary position to Stephen Colbert. Reading her post and her favorite Letterman moments made me reminisce as well - because although I couldn't be happier about who he'll be handing over to, saying goodbye to Letterman also means saying goodbye to The Colbert Report. And it means saying goodbye this very week! Tomorrow! I discovered The Daily Show and later The Colbert Report during a time when I was very disillusioned with mainstream television journalism. Since Colbert's very first show, I have laughed to tears, stretched my perspectives and wondered at the brilliance of the writing and delivery - they still manage to surprise me with their cleverness and ability to cut through to the core of issues and events. Although technically I don't have to say goodbye to Stephen Colbert, we do have do bid farewell to Colbert, the character. A USA Today story has a great section about the time Colbert interviewed documentarian Ken Burns, and the filmmaker's comments that really capture what makes Colbert great: "When documentarian Ken Burns appeared on Colbert in 2009 to discuss his PBS series The National Parks: America's Best Idea, Colbert dubbed the project "nature porn," to Burns' delight. "You can sit there and crack up. You can dog-paddle your way to the surface. It's a hilarious sendup of our dualistic world," Burns says. "Stephen punctures the certainty of people who never allow a doubt or opposing view to cross their brain." Colbert has interviewed an amazing array of guests - and there are about a million I could choose as my favorites. But for some reason one that always stands out in my mind is his first interview with author Sherman Alexie. It went so well that he appeared on the show several more times. Unfortunately the video isn't available in a format to attach, but you can see it on the Colbert Report website here: The last episode airs tomorrow night, Thursday, at 11:30pm ET/PT. According to USA Today, Colbert's final interview will be with "Grimmy," aka the Grim Reaper. What tricks do you think they have up their sleeves for the goodbye? What are your favorite Colbert interviews or moments?
Nooooo. :(
Yeah.. me neither @kinna. I'm procrastinating watching tonight's final episode :( I hear it was pretty star-studded though