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It doesn't take a day or two to maintain a tidy home. At least not under my roof. I have three children in college. Two of them are up north and our middle child commutes from home. With two daughters and one son the house can get a bit hectic during the holiday season. Many close friends ask me what's the secret of keeping the home in place. I always tell them "diligence." That's the secret ingredient to healthy home keeping. I'm always running errands and time seems to fly, but there are a few basic things I do daily. 1. Make the bed. It only takes a few minutes to keep the sheets in order. I make an effort to change it weekly to avoid bed bugs. 2. Manage clutter. It's easy to tell when things are out of place if the whole room is neat. Don't let that little item slide! Keep it in place to avoid future clutter. 3. Sort the mail. We have a letter sorting system at home and I'll make sure the kids and husband check their section weekly. Since the kids are in college I'll ask them before opening it up. 4. Clean as you cook. I know some people don't like cleaning after they cook, but don't let those dishes fill the sink. Put them in the dishwasher as you prepare the meal. 5. Wipe up spills while they're fresh. You don't want unsightly tomato sauce or makeup on the counter to build up. It's easier and better to clean it while you can. 6. Sweep the kitchen floor. I make an effort to sweep the floor very evening to avoid dirt and grime from building up. During the weekend, it will be easier to swipe and clean. The little basic task can make a big difference if you are not lazy about it. Save yourself from a major cleaning by taking a short moment to organize daily.