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Script Reading Session of "Jekyll and I" with Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min
The script reading session of new SBS drama "Jekyll and I" took place in the SBS Ilsan Center on the 2nd. Director Jo Yeong-gwang, writer Kim Jee-woon, creator Kim Yeong-hyeon and Park Sang-yeon and the cast Hyeon Bin, Han Ji-min, Seong Joon, Lee Deok-hwa, Han Sang-jin, Lee Seung-joon, Lee Won-geun, Kwak Hee-seong, Lee Se-na, Oh Na-ra and others were there. Jo Yeong-gwang started out by saying, "I did my best to bring together a great cast. You are all actors and actresses fit for your characters. It would be a long journey but I hope you all work with me". Hyeon Bin showed amazing concentration. He played two roles at once and perfectly. Seong Joon, Lee Deok-hwa, Han Sang-jin, Lee Seung-joon and others all did their best as well. Four hours later, everyone greeted everyone and talked about the drama. "Jekyll and I" is a romantic comedy about a bad guy named Jekyll and a good guy named Hyde, both falling in love with the same woman. cr. to hancinema
I'm really excited for this drama!Hyun Bin is one of my favorite actors and I love his comedic roles :)
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@lili it should start after new year i hope it won't take long can't wait to see binnie oppa back on the little screen ^_^
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right ok... @Acezsinkillx
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