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im so proud

im so proud of myself, i started off as s regular street skater at age 8, inspired by everyone gave up street skating because i couldn't land a kick flip 3 years later i get another skateboard and land my first kick flip after that tried a tre flip couldn't land it so i gave up 2 years later i got my longboard started off just cruising now im bombing hills and achieving slides i couldn't have done its just funny how just 3 days ago i got my coleman and now i basicly mastered it love being a 14 year old being supported by his parents and proud of everyone on here who helped me achieve my goals. i love you guys
Santa Cruz. Love your board.
congrats dude!!!! glad to see you're having fun with it:)
have not tried to yet @steezster
Can you pendy?
Man that's cool and I appreciate the props! Shred it, rip it, enjoy the ride! and you can always go back and learn some old school skate tricks there are some great double kick longboards out there with short wheel bases...
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