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Just got the new printer working and printed on regular paper some different things. Great color, defined. Mind the slight glare from my flash, but it looks nice. These are backgrounds & pictures from awhile ago/recent. Nothing compared to what I do but just to show off color. What I want to do is take some friends to a hill by my house and do a 30-45 minute session and shoot them riding for that time. I have a great feeling about printing on the glossy paper (which I haven't tried yet) but it should be awesome! Hoping to do this within the next week. Any specific things I should have them do or would like to see? I am a photographer but the reason I ask is because I haven't shot longboarders yet & I'm curious to see what you all like :D
Action shots, them in the middle of a slide or trick. Not cruising shots.
Great shots man, keep em coming!
You know your biggest dream is to spend an entire month on a pintail cruising a retirement community... you just need to admit it! @steezus