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Sick and tired of the hustle and bustle of the big metropolis which is Jakarta? In need of a beach break but have neither the time nor money to travel far? The answer lies in Tanjung Lesung and its surroundings; the perfect day trip to nearby pristine beaches. Easily accessible, affordable, and largely doable in a day, these beaches will provide you with the best setting to relax and forget about work. Located in Banten province, 170 kilometers from the capital city, 1,500-hectare Tanjung Lesung with a 13-kilometer beachfront is a developing integrated beach resort owned by PT Jababeka. Though most of the property and its beaches cater only to guests of the resort, non-staying visitors can also enjoy some of its attractions. If you leave Jakarta early enough not to get caught in the traffic, you can get to Tanjung Lesung by early morning. The best option is to leave on a Saturday or Sunday morning at around 3 a.m. to get there by 7 a.m. at the latest. Once you get to Tanjung Lesung, you are most likely to have the beach for yourself as most people usually only make it as far as Carita Beach, and those who make it to Tanjung Lesung do not arrive as early. Go snorkeling Tanjung Lesung is the ideal spot for snorkeling. There is no need to be experienced or to be a good swimmer as you do not have to go too deep. Right by the shore, you will find amazing sea life, including beautiful fish and corals. If you have your own snorkeling equipment, just bring it with you as it will allow you to save time and explore the sea before everyone else. If not, just wait until around 9 a.m. for one of the activity stands to open at the beach clubs and rent what you need. But bear in mind that it is also when more people start arriving. Whatever option you choose, the views that you get to see underwater will be beautiful and worthwhile. Explore secluded beaches Think you have already seen enough? Think again. For the more adventurous, looking for beautiful and unspoiled beaches and nature, the journey does not end here. Leave Tanjung Lesung for some of the more secluded beaches half an hour away. When you came from Jakarta, you had to take a turn to get to Tanjung Lesung. Go back to that place, and instead of taking the turn, continue straight. You will have to drive on bumpy dirt roads that seem to be unending, and get lost in villages, but eventually you will find the beach that is right for you. Whether you like rocks or sand, there are plenty of options to cater for different tastes. The best part about these beaches is that they have not been developed for tourism, which means that you will most likely have the area for yourself. Actually, you might spot a fisherman from time to time, and dogs running around, but besides them there will not be a single soul but you and your friends. Remember that as these beaches are quite isolated, you will not find your typical vendors, so you might want to stock up on food before heading there. Or simply enjoy some grilled fish in one of the many good restaurants at Tanjung Lesung first. Your hectic life might resume once you head back to Jakarta in the evening. But at least you will feel rejuvenated and relaxed, ready to start a new busy week at work.
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