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There are some days when you just don't have the time or the patience to put full on makeup, but there is a way around it. Going bare faced is not that hard to pull off if you just follow a few tips. First of all, eyebrows go a long way, they should be perfectly groomed, with a defined arch and combed through with an eyebrow brush. Your skin should be as polished as possible. To accomplish this just takes little effort as long as you keep cleaning your skin regularly. Instead of a scrub (which can upset skin, leaving it red and irritated) use a daily cleanser such as Sephora's triple action cleansing water. It works great and avoids trouble for sensitive skin. As a moisturizer you can get a beauty balm (several brands carry this product) to both moisturize and even out skin tone. For eyelashes if you want to leave the mascara, use vaselin with a small brush. It will make your eyelashes look healthy, shiny and thick. For lips just make sure they are moisturized so that they look plump and healthy. Use carmex or labello, both great and very cheap. And last but not least, use sun protection everyday! The best way to make sure your skin will look it's best for a long time.
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