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Rite guys I got a hold of 2 helmets. One is a mtb helmet n the other is a ski helmet. I'm going fashion a visor out of a piece of plexi glass and basically make a downhill helmet that will do me until I can afford a vector. Which one do you think I should start on. I kind of like the ski helmet
Why isn't America more like the UK?
if the mtb helmet is really heavy it may cause whiplash but if you are going 50+ I think ski has the least requirements to be a helmet look up. . . bell drop . . . great beginning full face
@ktm2014 you've got taste.which one do you think? By the way guys thanks for all your input :)
I have bombed a hill, and on a shitty flexy pintail @crazyheart I know how important helmets are, and they're so worth the money. Its one of the things you don't want to be cheap about in longboarding.
@steezus I absolutely agree matey but your 15 n have never bombed a hill. I have 2 children that financially I put first so buying a dedicated dh helmet is out of the question at this time. What I'm doing is trying my best to stay safe the best I can and still enjoy the sport with as much safety as I can. If that means building my helmet then that's what I'll do. Better to build one than not bother have one at all
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