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Rite guys I got a hold of 2 helmets. One is a mtb helmet n the other is a ski helmet. I'm going fashion a visor out of a piece of plexi glass and basically make a downhill helmet that will do me until I can afford a vector. Which one do you think I should start on. I kind of like the ski helmet
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@steezus like I said dude. It's called been financially fucked lol :)
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Snowboarders bmx n dh mountain bikers go ham on there gear. The helmets can take it. They all have to make a requirement there's not much in it. Luge helmets n longboard helmets are the same
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any ski, bike, or skateboard fullface is going to provide enough protection trust me lol I've been in a lot of hard falls in each one of those sports... the helmets can take it, certified for long boarding or not they all do the same thing, maybe some a little stronger but still, if you don't have the money to buy a long board specific helmet you use the next best thing...
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I'd look up the safety ratings for both then go with the best choice... also maybe pick the one that would take the least amount plexiglass
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