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For all the artist out there I need some ideas for the bottom of my board I've been trying to think of something for week now and I just keep coming up with nothin I've had idea that are good but my art skills are limited I can draw fairly well but no where near the talent I've seen pop up on here so please take that into account when suggesting plz I really wanted to do this with sharpies do to not being good with paint. Thanks in advance to anyone that helps.
@JaydenWashabaug yea I wanna sharpie it I'm not good with paints unless its paint markers. that could work to @GaryCampbell
How about sticker bombed or a big logo?
are you drawing it on or?
sounds good @JaydenWashabaug and @GaryCampbell I was for abit but I just fektnitnwas to plain
What about leaving it as is??
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