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So the other night my mom says to me that she would like more of Olay wrinkle cream. So last night I had this dream where I was back home at my grandparent's house and was looking for some anti-Wrinkle cream for my mom. Well I walked in to the kitchen and there was before and after pictures all over the place that were of Kris...and it was normal to me that my kitchen had poorly photoshopped pictures of Kris with wrinkles and then his normal pictures of him. In my dream I said "Damn. Must be hella good cream"
@AndreaHamilton Still, its great that you remember them hahahah Its funny that we think about certain people so much that we even think about them in our sleep. :)
@lili you know what. I have been into Kpop for 1 year and 3 months now. And this is seriously the third dream that I have had with a kpop idol in it. And it was only a background thing. Like my other two dreams that I have had they were there but not there. Make sense? Lol like they weren't a big part of my dream.
Why are there never Kidols in my dreams ahahha
@lili not sure if I'm saying this right. But there is a saying that if you have a dream about someone then that means they miss you and or are thinking about you... But that any be true cause they don't know me and I have never met them lol