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Hey guys, this is my first ever post on vingle and specifically in this community. Been skating since I was 7 or 8, but I only had a skateboard until last year. I usually would just cruise around on my skateboard because I could barely do any tricks. Seriously, I couldn't get a kickflip down after 4 months of trying every day. I'm now a senior in high school, 18, names Matt. People call me Lamby, though. Done every kind of boarding you can think of, but longboarding and snowboarding are my favorites. 8 or 9 months ago, I got my first longboard. This board is an Earthwing Supermodel, 38" 9 ply. It's got Paris V2's thrown on it, and it had some kryptonics 82a's. I put otang purple in-heats on it though (soooo nice). This thing is a DH/ freeride BEAST. It has a lot of concave, and I slapped on some super grippy griptape. As my first and only board, I can't really say much about boards, but I love this thing. I can do BS 180 slides and cross-steps. Longboarding is easily my favorite sport. That's about it, if you wanna know anything else, just ask. Peace
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@ktm2014 another supermodel :)
Dude I have a supermodel 40 9 ply with Paris v2's and otang in-heats!
@crazyheart that's so awesome haha
Soo have you visited the dark side of this community yet haha no well heres a cookie hah no man welcome
liked your story man @MattLambright !