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For all book lovers out there. :) I saw this on Pinterest and it looked so cute (plus, I love tea!) so I thought that I should give it a try. I add googly eyes for some fun. Haha. Materials: -Magazines -Crochet Thread -Colored Construction Papers -Felt Paper -Googly Eyes -Folder -Glue -Ballpen -Teacup patterns (you can download templates online) -Scissors or Cutter Steps: I'll try my best to explain it as clearly as possible. -After you printed out the teacup templates, you're going to cut it according to its shape. -Trace the pattern in a magazine or any cover you want (the ones you see above are magazine covers) and cut it. -Cut a 6-inch thread and stick one end to the magazine. Paste the entire cut out on a cut-out folder (trace it also) so it will be harder. (So basically, the thread will be inside the magazine and folder like a sandwich, if you can picture it). -Then on the other end of the thread, use a construction paper and cut a shape that is like the end of a teabag. -You can customize your bookmark by adding whatever you like. I use felt paper and googly eyes. -Voila! Any diy bookmarks you have in mind? Share your thoughts! :) Over and out!
these are a adorable
I love these! What a great use of some at home ingenuity to make yourself something useful.
These are really adorable. They'd be great for a group project with kids.
These are sooo cute! I love them! I need to make some immediately. Have you seen the kid DIY bookmarks that I posted in this card?
@danidee Definitely! Great way to bond with them. :)
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