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Translated the article on Google The skate down the old road of Graciosa in Middle River neighborhood , Quatro Barras , was fatal to the engineering student William Camargo , 21 years. At about 11 am on Thursday (18 ) , he and a friend , 16 , identified only as Octavian, were hit by a bucket truck , which went up the road towards BR -116 . Both were achieved in a bend, offering poor visibility . Three other friends , who were a little behind , told police that the truck driver climbed against the grain . However , as the man fled the scene after running over the two skaters , the police did not have his version . Because of the shock, the friends of the victims did not remember the license plate number , only that it was red. The shot went over William, who died instantly . Octavius ​​was rescued by helicopter to the Workers' Hospital in serious condition. The two wore safety equipment and police said , used to practice in the region. holiday The father of William , Jair Ribeiro Camargo , said the boy skateboarding just over three years. " He had fallen , but enjoyed the sport and always trained with friends. He moved on to the second year of engineering and was on vacation . He had free time in the morning and said he was going to skate back and forth for lunch " described . The family lives in Tingui neighborhood in Curitiba. " Yesterday did seven years since his mother died . Now we have to live with this loss more . His dream was to be professional in the sport ," lamented Jair . The three friends who witnessed the accident were heard by the 22 Military Police Battalion team and the investigation is with the police station in Quatro Barras .
By wound I mean a gash from a bail, not half your hip being gone and you being dead.
Okay man posting a wound is one thing, but showing a dead body is another. Pretty sure you should delete that. It's beyond NSFW, it's something nobody should ever have to see, or experience.
@CarlosPena I have no idea if that was the survivor or the one that was killed.
He died doing what he loved.
i found the kid on Facebook and read about him... this kid had talent... R.I.P. WILLYAN
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