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So today I was leaving 4th period as I usually do every day and I got on my long board and I started to ride, then this old lady wearing all leather runs at me (trying to be a bad ass) then when she caught up she grabs my shoulders till I stopped, then snatched my board! yelling "Riding in parking lots is dangerous!" and then ran back to the school! when all the cars are the teachers and none of them leave till an hour or so after school has been let out! After that I went in to the school that I don't even go to because I go the the high school with @steezus not the middle school, and after a 20 minute bullshit lecture, I got it back! I really don't know what to say besides that "rules" blow! but next time I guess I need to be faster!
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@woodonwheels YOU SHOULDVE YELLED RAPE LIKE @AlbertDeCastro SAID!!!!
Yeah she pushed me off and I was gonna go grab it back but I wasn't in the mood to have to truck slap a Grammy! but she was probably mad cause I said that my board was worth more then her pay check! (after she stole it)@AlbertDeCastro
Haha no she looked like ellen with gray spikey hair!
Why people can't keep to their own business is beyond my comprehension. She had no business touching you or taking your board. Asking you to leave or telling you not to ride is one thing acting like Gemma Teller is a bunch of crap.