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There's nothing worse than feeling super creative and festive while being saddled with a stringent budget and buried in question marks for the tree design. Such was my predicament. So, I took a moment to relax and thoroughly enjoy a tall Cadillac on the rocks, which is when eureka hit. Loving the look of Patron, I decided use the tequila as my inspiration. To keep things ridiculously inexpensive, I specifically didn't shop at my favorite stores. Instead I went to Big Lots, 99 Cent Store, Party City, and Michaels. I think the tree turned out well. What do you think?
@marshalledgar I'm making it tonight haha...but I'll probably share after it's done
Love it! I do mine with a blue and silver base palette every year, then random ornaments I've collected from years of adventures
Sounds really pretty. Pics to share with us? (hint hint...) lol. If I had time and $$, I'd love to do a whole collection of trees inspired by spirits. Whiskey with black and tartan taffeta bows would be killer!