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Dr. Love's Dream Chronicle ~ D. James Breaux
Three degrees of separation exist
between mind, body & heart
in dreams.

The distance from one to the next
is relative to the length of
loves gaze.

Inconclusive dreams require a cure.
Dreams which come true do not
need one.

As of these findings, there is no known cure
for the above listed condition; Symptoms most likely to occur when an apparently overzealous fairy armed with an apparently toxic arrow systematically captures unwitting victims, intoxicates, and then holds them against their will.
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Looks even better now!
3 years ago·Reply
I like this a whole lot too. I love the way you organized it. It's really really creative.
3 years ago·Reply
Thank you @ Danidee for your time and so very glad you dig this piece.
3 years ago·Reply
This is absolutely wonderful. A true piece of creative work, and a great exploration into what we dream, what we hope, how we are affected, and more. Great! @DJamesBreaux
3 years ago·Reply
Right on @Greggr, thanks brother =D
3 years ago·Reply