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Who's Hotter: K-pop Stars vs K-Drama Stars
The epic debate begins! What do you think Vinglers? What about the Kdrama actors that are less masculine like Jongsuk? Or the Kpop idols that are more masculine like 2PM?
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I love the reactions here and honesty!
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This is hilarious! Poor BAP hahaha I still will always be a SHINee bias though!
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I'd like to see a version of this for the female Kpop stars and the female Korean actors :)
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These people seem kinda rude to me idk. Like people force a masculine image onto men as they force a feminine image onto women. It's as if they would go up to men and ask them to choose between Amber and Krystal, and the men would choose Krystal and call Amber a lesbian. I just don't think it's right. Attractiveness shouldn't matter as much.
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@kimikodragon very good point
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