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hit a surprise speed bump down a hill, worst crash of my life with my best friend. it was a roll over, banged up my back, smashed my head, and road rash everywhere. its my fault though I wasnt wearing a helmet but I wear it all the time now.
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it was down the Clearwater causeway and I couldn't tell you got fast I was going but my wheels were super loose. I tightened my trucks just not my wheels I forgot I previously loosened them so pretty much I thought I was done for especially when I smashed my head. ive been going to therapy, I have a couple of bulging disks in my back but it doesn't stop me from going on a late night cruise
Good to be alive eh?
for sure
I've had four nasty falls but nothing too serious, two were bad... had to scrape some pebbles out of my shoulder, ripped my shirt, got some road rash(had elbow and knee pads and helmet or it'd been much worse) and put a hole in my shoe the other was a twisted ankle had to limp around a few days and it happened right after saying "hey watch this"would have made the perfect YouTube video as I did the splits and everything lol!