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hit a surprise speed bump down a hill, worst crash of my life with my best friend. it was a roll over, banged up my back, smashed my head, and road rash everywhere. its my fault though I wasnt wearing a helmet but I wear it all the time now.
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@RichardSchafer my mom was debating taking me to the ER instead put wood spoon in my mouth and scrubbed gravel out with steel wool
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Mine I hit 35mph and hit some gravel slid like 15 feet in shorts n Tshirt and tore all my forearm off all my shin tore my hip to the bone only reason I stopped was i hit a pole and broke a few fingers
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um @SteveLee772 infection much?
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@nsbdude Nooo, fuck that it'll grow out or in.
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Just drink some jack and chill and you will be fine
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