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First to post it, suck it haterz. Left with an empty castle all to himself, Loaded ambassador Ari Chamasmany embraces his solitude among the fallen carcasses of dust bunnies. Setup: Loaded Fattail Flex 2, Paris 180mm Trucks, Orangatang 80a Morongas Film: Ethan Cochard, Camilo Cespedes Edit: Camilo Cespedes
Forget jagger I want to dance like this guy
I've tried dancing I just don't have the coordination for the footwork.
Ari is always good on the Fattail man, its hard to not give him respect.
Usually I'm not impressed with dancing but that was sick! I kinda wanna try some of that stuff now, and I never really thought I'd get into dancing but this vid softened my hateful heart.
just don't try practicing your dance moves next to a concrete wall, even if you think "yeah if I start to fall I can catch the wall" just ride away lol go practice in the grass haha