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"Newsweek will stop its print edition after the Dec. 31 issue." I don't know why I'm sad over this news. It's really the end of an era. Goodbye hard copies, goodbye page turning... :(
a sad day for media. the erosion of long-form media dumbs culture and makes us less able to hold necessary mental constructs for intellectual development
yes! exactly.. it gives you kinda comforting feel.. and everytime I open a book, I feel like I'm entering a new world
mee to amelia...i love the smell of old books and i still like going to the library picking out a book finding a quiet corner and reading
I like the paper less thing.. but I really like smell of books..and the sound of paper when I'm turning the pages..
I'm torn. I like that digital media results in less paper waste, but I hope that people still choose to READ above all else...
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