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While leggings may have some pretty bad rep but one thing everyone can agree on is they're comfortable! Since it's the season for winter vacation I tend to get more casual with my outfits. Leggings is my go-to on windy weathers, but they're not substitutes for pants. Here are three inspirations on how to layer with leggings. One thing to remember: Leggings should not be treated like proper pants. Never wear leggings with shirt that lands above the waist. For instance, this blogger topped her pair with an oversize chunky knit sweater and coat that covered her bottom half. This is the perfect look to fight the wind and also look stylish. Pair it with a leopard-print bag and embellished boots for some flare. Learn from Gwen Stefani. She worked leggings on more than one occasion during her pregnancy and her outfits are cute. The picture above showed her in a vest and thin-shirt dress combo, paired with low-heel boots. In addition, she completely the whole look with a cool fedora. Don't be afraid of the monochromatic look. Kendall Jenner dressed in all blog leggings, ankle boots and a swing coat. The different layer did not look bland at all, instead it gave her a sleek and cozy style. How do you style leggings? Share you secret with us! Photos: RexUSA Images; Getty Images
I think Gwen's fedora and jacket are what really make the look work. She always rocks her outfits!
I usually don't like going all black, but I love Kendall Jenner's monochromatic style.