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Have you ever seen classmates or co-workers that never fails to step into the room with perfect, shiny and bouncy waves? Then you wonder, "How do they managed to do that every morning?" Let me tell you the secret behind those luscious waves. Digital Perm This is a new perm technique that uses temperature controlled rods powered by a machine with a digital display. It's sometimes called "Ionic perm", "spiral perm" or "hot perm." The difference between this and regular perm is the shape and texture of the wave created. Digital perm is suppose to be make waves more natural similar to the process of curling your hair with an iron tool. Your hair will often feel softer, smoother and shinier after digital perm treatment. It was first introduced in Asia (Japan and Korea) and due to the popularity of the effortless result, people are starting to see this service in U.S. salons (mainly asian-owned). The Process Depending on the length of your hair it takes around 3-4 hours to get it done. The general steps - put solution on hair, wait for the solution to set in (20 minutes), put on rollers (30-40 minutes), heat rollers (30 minutes), take them out, apply neutralizer (20 minutes). Additional Information: It's more pricy than a normal perm because it last longer. The perms are more prominent when they are dry. You also need after perm care to maintain avoid any damages or split ends. Has anyone here tried digital perm? If not, will you try it?
@ambersaltsman Try not to shampoo your ends and focus conditioning instead. Also towel dry your hair with an unused t-shirt. Cotton towels can cause friction and create frizzy hair. :)
I had no idea this actually exists, and now I totally want it. How beautiful are those waves!
@HairConfetti thank you!!
My hair looks like that naturally but its real frizzy 馃槒
@jiggzy19 A little coconut oil will fix that problem!
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