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Charlie Simokaitis' strange work is layered and quite ambiguous. For this reason I find the images fascinating. Once I read and discovered the purpose behind the images I was still fascinated, but overwhelmingly haunted. All of these images are from the book With Whom Do I Have the Pleasure?. The book is a literary account of the physical and psychological state(s) of a person rapidly losing the ability to see. Simokaitis gives us this personal visual codex that distills the disorientation and confusion of the day-to-day. "This shorthand presents small stories within a larger narrative and denotes the heightened sense of reality born of a fateful lived event."
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This card made me want to look up his other works, and it seems that that tendency toward mystery and high drama is something that he carries on to his other work. Even his portraiture has this sort of dissonance that you just can't pull your eye away from. I like it a lot.