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I love this awesome short film by Michael Reisinger called "Replacement." It explores the use of technology to fill the void of human companionship. I love the hues and textures of the cinematography - which create the sense of illicit acts and danger alongside the poignancy of the emotions - the desperation of love and loss. I think he did a fantastic job with the special effects, which are so key to a a science fiction piece. The effects are subtle enough to still keep an element of realism and believability. Could we ever achieve the replacement of what we lose using our own creations and technologies?
Yes, definitely have. it's one of my favorites. This was made before that, though.
wow, this is awesome! Have you seen the film "Her"?
Yesh... I can just see the gay clubs now w/ the cat fights followed by crying breakups, then as soon as they get home... "Open the door HAL..." 😁