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Tired of wearing your scarf the same way everyday? Give it some twist by using two oblong scarves to create and interesting touch to your winter neck-wear. Scroll through the image for step by step approach! 1. The Shawl + Knot Start with two oblong scarves. Wrap one scarf around your shoulders like a shawl. Tie the other scarf in a knot around your neck in the front. Take both ends and criss-cross them behind your neck. Finally lay the ends around your shoulders. 2. The Double Loop Start with two oblong scarves with one end placed slightly longer than the other. Create a loop secured with one hand at the ends. Place the back of the loop behind your neck. Grab the end of the scarves through the loop with one hand. Pull the ends through the loop and tighten around your neck. 3. The Uptown Wrap Start with a single oblong scarf. Place the scarf around your back with the ends around your shoulder. leave one end hanging and place the other end over your opposite shoulder. Secure the scarf in the back with a pin or broach. Image courtesy: Katie Friedman for Harpers Bazaar.
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The third scarf style is so interesting, it reminds me of classic black and white film era. Something you would see Audrey wear.