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C.Y. Frankel is a London-based photographer who is currently studying for a Master's of Fine Arts. His work in photography addresses the meaning to which the medium of photography is used. Traditionally we see a split between conceptual photography and documentary photography, but Frankel attempts to combine the two styles. He tests the extent to which the medium can used as a means of expression while also portraying reality. Frankel's initial response is to look into how documentary photographs and portraits can be used to attempt to accurately describe the world or tell the "truth". Here is what Frankel has to say about his current work in progress Careful: "I have always been fascinated most by documentary photography. I am most comfortable with documentary photography possibly because it is closer to the definition of photography that I am used to; one that looks towards the referential, indexical nature of the medium. More recently, however, I have found myself dissatisfied with the nature of traditional documentary storytelling. Indeed, how can documentary photography evolve beyond a case of being in the right place at the right time, finding a subject that has not yet been covered, or in having an eye for a compelling composition? This is the question that is in the back of my mind when I am working on this series."
Also thanks for all of the back history. I really, really love this collection. It was one of the very first I joined when I first got Vingle!
I love the way he's able to convey so much mood in his photographs. He's got a really talented eye.